studioditte containers wallpaper


Are you looking for an industrial look for your home? The container wallpaper has a beautiful weathered look. Beautiful stacks of metal containers give an extra dimension to your wall. Your interior gets a lived-in look, decorated with rust and decay. This light version has dawn-like bright shades.

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6 m long x 48,5 cm wide
The pattern repeats after 3 m

The wallpaper is a high quality non-woven wallpaper with a luxurious matte finish, produced in the Netherlands. The wallpaper is very strong, colourfast and very easy to apply. You smear the wall with glue, so you do not need a wallpaper table. The wallpaper is produced in a sustainable way and is biodegradable.

Use glue for non-woven wallpaper (preferably ready-made)


Brand StudioDitte
Weight 1 kg
Availability Available in 8 working days

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